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Half-Baked Blog - The Allotment

Getting to grips, or losing my grip, on a Midlands allotment.
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10th March 2021 - What Happened?

Where have you been?

By "you", I am of course talking about me. I know that this blog has been silent for far too long. I never really got in to my stride in 2020, and then events got ahead of me and it's now well in to 2021. For that, I can only apologise and half-hearteded say that I'll try to do better.

It ended up being a crazy year. Of course, we all lived through the national pandemic and fallout that gripped the UK. Things changed overnight, and the importance of our green spaces for our wellbeing came in to sharp focus. It's fair to say that the allotment, which is close to our house, had a distinct shift in purpose from a food producing space to a semi-recreational space. We played board games, read books on the verges and relaxed as Uncle Boris kept us at home. Although I had more time than I knew what to do with, somehow I didn't really keep on top of anything, and chose to just relax instead. I'm in a priviledged position; our allotment is owned rather than rented and we're free to use it as a recreational space without targets set by an allotment association or the like.

We did have some successes and some failures, but I've written about them in the 2020 section. I have said a few times to friends that if I learnt a lesson in the last 12 months, it was to plant more. Of everything. So, with that mindset, that's what I'm going to do in 2021.

Let's go again!